Our policy is to obtain a distinguished position in the metallurgical industry, we base on a customized service for the customer and a willing to improve. All of this with the main goal of meeting our customers needs.

The quality of our projects is our primary premise. To be able to carry out this quality control, Talleres Jober is equipped with the following tools for verification and dimensional control:

  • Profile projector.
  • Gauge tool.
  • Micrometers.
  • Depth micrometers.
  • Goniometer.
  • Comparators.
  • Measuring columns.

Keeping in mind our commitment with the excellence of our products, we have established the following goals for our quality control:

  1. To accomplish the legal stipulations in our activity, achieving  the requirements of our customer.
  2. To encourage the communication with our customers,  with the purpose of meeting their needs with our efforts.
  3. To adapt the company to the technological progress.
  4. To adopt a quality standard to claim the best quality for our products.

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